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Book a motivational beatboxer because your audience deserves both entertainment and inspiration! Energize, motivate, and inspire your audience in ways they've never seen before. With Parker, it's not just another event – it's an UPBEAT experience that will resonate long after the applause fades.

Meet Beatboxer Parker Kane

Redefine Corporate Entertainment.

MC Services

Elevate your event with Parker Kane as your Master of Ceremonies! With charisma and energy, Parker effortlessly guides your audience through the event, creating an engaging atmosphere that keeps the momentum alive. Whether it's a corporate function or a lively gathering, Parker's MC services ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all.


Turn your discussions into dynamic dialogues with Parker Kane as your moderator. His skillful approach ensures that conversations flow smoothly, creating an interactive and engaging environment. From panel discussions to interviews, Parker brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to make your event truly memorable.


Infuse your event with a rhythmic twist! Parker Kane's beatboxing and entertainment services add a vibrant and unique element to your gathering. With his beatboxing prowess and captivating stage presence, Parker creates an atmosphere that fuses entertainment with inspiration, leaving your audience energized and engaged.


Parker Kane brings a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the stage as a speaker. With a blend of storytelling and motivation, Parker captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact. Whether it's a corporate event or a community gathering, his speaking engagements are tailored to inspire and resonate with diverse audiences.


Experience the power of transformation with Parker Kane's keynote addresses. As a motivational speaker, Parker delivers impactful messages that uplift and empower. Each keynote is carefully crafted to address your specific goals, leaving your audience motivated, energized, and ready to embrace positive change.

Audience Boosters

Parker Kane also delivers personalized Beatbox 'Resets' and dynamic LIVE Custom Name Introductions, ensuring a heightened atmosphere. Whether taking the role of MC or Keynote speaker, Parker seamlessly integrates beatboxing to elevate the energy of the experience.
Energizing, Motivating, Inspiring

Parker Kane's performances are nothing short of transformative. He possesses the innate ability to not only entertain but also to energize, motivate, and inspire your audience in ways they've never imagined. The energy he brings is contagious, leaving a lasting impact on every attendee.

An UPBEAT Experience Like No Other

At Parker's events, it's not merely a gathering; it's a transcendent UPBEAT experience. This experience resonates long after the applause fades, becoming a cherished memory for your audience.

Book Parker for Your Event

Now, Parker is ready to bring his magic to your event, whether it's a live gathering or a virtual one. He offers a range of opportunities, including guest appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements, coaching, workshops, and of course, beatbox entertainment tailored to your online events. Fill out the booking request below to embark on an extraordinary journey with Parker Kane.

Experience Seasoned Excellence

With a wealth of experience as a beatboxer, entertainer, and speaker, Parker Kane is a seasoned professional dedicated to making your event a resounding success.

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Currently Booking Virtual Events
Parker is a seasoned beatboxer, entertainer, and speaker.

Since his viral McDonald’s beatbox video and official McDonald’s commercial, Parker has been delivering powerful speeches and performances across the country for high-end people and organizations like Shark Tank’s Daymond John, TEDx, and McDonald’s.

Due to the craziness of 2020, Parker is currently booking virtual opportunities such as guest-ing on podcasts or speaking, coaching, workshops, and beatbox entertainment for your online events.

Fill out the booking request below!
What is UPBEAT?
UPBEAT is a weekly motivational and personal development podcast for creators, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers, hosted by beatboxer and speaker—Parker Kane.
Embrace the UPBEAT Experience
Binge-listen to in-depth conversations with top-tier entrepreneurs as they share their stories of overcoming adversity while staying true to their values. Explore faith-driven approaches to navigating life's challenges and discover how these industry leaders prioritize mental well-being, positivity, and passion in a fast-paced, chaotic world.
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