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Prepare to revolutionize your perception of corporate entertainment with the extraordinary talents of Parker Kane. As a beatboxer, speaker, and entertainer, Parker brings a unique blend of skills and charisma to the stage, setting the bar higher for what's possible in the world of events.

Energizing, Motivating, Inspiring

Parker Kane's performances are nothing short of transformative. He possesses the innate ability to not only entertain but also to energize, motivate, and inspire your audience in ways they've never imagined. The energy he brings is contagious, leaving a lasting impact on every attendee.

An UPBEAT Experience Like No Other

At Parker's events, it's not merely a gathering; it's a transcendent UPBEAT experience. This experience resonates long after the applause fades, becoming a cherished memory for your audience.

Book Parker for Your Event

Now, Parker is ready to bring his magic to your event, whether it's a live gathering or a virtual one. He offers a range of opportunities, including guest appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements, coaching, workshops, and of course, beatbox entertainment tailored to your online events. Fill out the booking request below to embark on an extraordinary journey with Parker Kane.

Experience Seasoned Excellence

With a wealth of experience as a beatboxer, entertainer, and speaker, Parker Kane is a seasoned professional dedicated to making your event a resounding success.

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Currently Booking Virtual Events
Parker is a seasoned beatboxer, entertainer, and speaker.

Since his viral McDonald’s beatbox video and official McDonald’s commercial, Parker has been delivering powerful speeches and performances across the country for high-end people and organizations like Shark Tank’s Daymond John, TEDx, and McDonald’s.

Due to the craziness of 2020, Parker is currently booking virtual opportunities such as guest-ing on podcasts or speaking, coaching, workshops, and beatbox entertainment for your online events.

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What is UPBEAT?
UPBEAT is a weekly motivational and personal development podcast hosted by beatboxer, musician, and speaker – Parker Kane.
Embrace the UPBEAT Experience
Binge-listen to our in-depth conversations with top-of-their-game entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creators who are actively pursuing what they love to do. Learn their proven-to-work strategies, get inspired by their uplifting stories, and embrace an immense amount of free, practical advice directly from the experts themselves.
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