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“Podcasting really is the mothership of content. If you have a high-quality audio and video podcast, you also have high-quality posts for everything else.”
— Parker Kane
Owner of Kanecast
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Currently Booking Virtual Events
Parker is a seasoned beatboxer, entertainer, and speaker.

Since his viral McDonald’s beatbox video and official McDonald’s commercial, Parker has been delivering powerful speeches and performances across the country for high-end people and organizations like Shark Tank’s Daymond John, TEDx, and McDonald’s.

Due to the craziness of 2020, Parker is currently booking virtual opportunities such as guest-ing on podcasts or speaking, coaching, workshops, and beatbox entertainment for your online events.

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What is UPBEAT?
UPBEAT is a weekly motivational and personal development podcast for creators, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers, hosted by beatboxer and speaker—Parker Kane.
Embrace the UPBEAT Experience
Binge-listen to in-depth conversations with top-tier entrepreneurs as they share their stories of overcoming adversity while staying true to their values. Explore faith-driven approaches to navigating life's challenges and discover how these industry leaders prioritize mental well-being, positivity, and passion in a fast-paced, chaotic world.
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