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What is UPBEAT?
UPBEAT is a weekly motivational and personal development podcast hosted by beatboxer, musician, and speaker – Parker Kane.
Embrace the UPBEAT Experience
Binge-listen to our in-depth conversations with top-of-their-game entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creators who are actively pursuing what they love to do. Learn their proven-to-work strategies, get inspired by their uplifting stories, and embrace an immense amount of free, practical advice directly from the experts themselves.
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A few inspiring listener testimonials.

Insightful & Engaging

Such a great podcast to listen to for inspiration! I always walk away with deep gems of knowledge that help keep me pushing forward. Parker knows how to keep his audience engaged!


Worth a listen!

Parker is full of energy and does a great job bringing you into the show! Definitely worth a listen if you're listening for some motivation and positivity!

Alex Williams

Heart & Soul

Parker brings a heart and soul to this podcast that’s SO fun. Seriously, his energy is electric yet grounded and calm which is so rare to find. I enjoy listening and look forward to seeing how this show grows in the future. 💖


A must for your playlist

Where creativity meets content. This podcast is both informative and entertaining. I highly recommend!

Darryll Stinson


Upbeat Podcast is so fun and entertaining! Parker does it right with inspirational messages and adds a sick twist with his beatboxing.


Fresh Vibes for the Early Careerist

Parker brings a breath of fresh air to many topics to motivate and give direction to early careerists. His talent as a beat boxer and motivational speaker will keep you engaged, entertained, and inspired to achieve more.

Mitch Shields

Real Heart & Soul

Parker is an exceptional talent in the podcast universe. His topics are varied, inspiring, and current. He understands his audience and puts his heart and soul into each episode.


Love the interview

Great interview with Johnjay. Inspiring. Love what I’ve heard so far. Definitely going to keep listening.


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