UPBEAT Rewind w/ Johnny Elsasser
Oct 5, 2022

UPBEAT Rewind w/ Johnny Elsasser

Ep 208
Johnny Elsasser
Ep 208
Johnny Elsasser

Johnny Elsasser is a Former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger turned Podcast Host of a Top 15 Men's podcast – The Art of Masculinity.

In this episode, Johnny shares his stories and experiences with us, as well as a bunch of actionable advice regarding finding and deploying our authentic masculinity.

Johnny served in the Elite 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment with 4 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan. He protected the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq for 5 years out of Baghdad.

When he returned home, he was without purpose for himself and his own life. He felt depressed, alone, and empty ... which also led to a divorce.

Within about 2 years, Johnny turned that hurt and loneliness into motivation to help other men. He found his purpose and created The Art of Masculinity – a podcast designed to help other men realize that they are not alone in their struggles and that even those at the elite levels of life deal with demons and setbacks.

He has also created an experience out of Corpus Christi where he provides a container for men to bond and create their brotherhood of supporting men around them while giving them a taste of special operations with a VIP environment.

"As a man who came from an alpha-driven, high-octane life, I had to learn how to transition from being a man with purpose and drive, to not knowing what I was going to do. I began living in the everyday generic prescription of 'living for the weekend' that most of the world subscribes to ...
I was going to and from the same office every day, coming home, and repeating the process in complete monotony. I was walking around as a shell and never thought other men were going through the same struggles.
I soon realized that I needed to look inside to find my answers, and I needed to do that by going to the foundation of my masculinity, of my purpose, and of myself."

His next "Wild Man Experience" is October 21-23, 2021 | Click here for details!

Enjoy the episode!

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