UPBEAT Rewind w/ Heather Falter
Sep 26, 2022

UPBEAT Rewind w/ Heather Falter

Ep 205
Heather Falter
Ep 205
Heather Falter

Heather Falter is an Artist, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach, and Author of the new book – Becoming Whole: How to Pick Up Your Broken Pieces and Be Who You Were Born To Be. She is a wife, mother, and passionate self-healer who is fiercely dedicated to helping people heal after tragedy and heartache.

Actually, my Mom has one of Heather's art pieces – it's called "It Is I."

"It Is I" by Heather Falter

Heather teaches how to grieve properly, find forgiveness, and claim JOY again. In this episode of UPBEAT, we are very fortunate to hear her story and receive some incredible healing advice.

Enjoy the episode!

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