Tony Rodrigues

Ep 121:


April 19, 2021

Tony Rodrigues is a Mindset Mentor, Tony Robbins Trainer, Life/Business Strategist, Broker/Owner @ EXP Realty, Investor, Talk Show Host, and Keynote Speaker.

Tony is a Certified High-Performance Strategist who has invested and been involved in Personal Development and High-Performance Development for over 20 years. As a trainer, he has helped thousands and thousands of people experience transformations in all aspects of their lives (emotional, personal, business, relationships, health etc.)

This is exactly what we speak about in today's episode. Tony shares with us the power and the importance of sharing our own stories.

"Your story is yours, but it isn't yours to keep – its yours to share."

We also speak about how we can properly heal and forgive so that we can truly move on and #GetUpNGrow!

Enjoy the episode!

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Monday, April 19, 2021