John Laurito

Ep 93:

Becoming an Authentic Leader

October 5, 2020

John Laurito is a Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant, Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, and Host of the Tomorrow's Leadership Podcast. John currently speaks around the world on the topic of leadership, and I'm so excited we have him here on UPBEAT to share with us his valuable insight.

For more than 20 years, John Laurito, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, has been leading organizations in the financial services industry. He has developed a reputation as a turnaround expert with 4 successful and dramatic organization transformations, including leading the 100th ranked (out of 110) Ameriprise office in Hartford, CT to #1 in the country and taking the Boston agency of Penn Mutual from last in national ranking to winning the prestigious President's Award twice and the Excellence Award three times.

In this episode, not only do we discuss leadership in the sense of leading other people, but rather, we talk about how to lead ourselves first, and how the truest of leaders are AUTHENTIC leaders. "It's not about making drastic changes ... it's about knowing the small changes that bring huge results." - John Laurito

Enjoy the episode! Thanks for listening :)

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Monday, October 5, 2020

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