Chris Helwick

Ep 85:

What It Takes to be an Elite Champion

August 10, 2020

Part 2: Chris Helwick, USA Decathlete & 2021 Olympic Hopeful

In the previous episode, we were absolutely privileged to hear about Chris's amazing story of retiring his dream of going to the Olympics and now picking up that dream one last time over 6 years later.

In this portion of the episode with Olympic Hopeful, Chris Helwick, and his mind coach, Jeff Meyer, we really get into the power of the mind and body as well as other topics like gratitude, meditation, visualization, what it takes to really make sure you're progressing and so much more!

We take a deep dive into his daily routines and learning exactly what it takes to be an elite athlete. Through the episode, you'll receive actionable tips and advice that you can start implementing in your life today!

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Monday, August 10, 2020

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