UPBEAT with Parker Kane

Ep 105:

Best of UPBEAT (Last 6 Months)

December 28, 2020

I hope you had a great Christmas! Thank you for kicking off your week with UPBEAT – this is another 6-month review episode to catch you up if you’re not caught up and to help you customize your listening experience by finding the episodes you’d like the most! So, if you hear someone in this episode you really like, check below for the guest names, episode titles, and links. If you’ve been listening every week, then these are still just some really good takeaways and reminders to refresh us on what all we’ve learned in the last 6 months :)


Enjoy the episode!


76: Accept What Is & Just Start Doing - Louis Amira

77: Own Your Story - Darryll Stinson

82: How to Build Your Wealth in 2020 - Rob Berger

85: What It Takes to be an Elite Champion - Chris Helwick & Jeff Meyer

89: Cherish Today & Create Tomorrow - Kevin Palmieri & Alan Lazaros

91: Finding Your Voice & Making It Your Career - Jim McCarthy

92: Rediscovering Yourself & Finding Clarity - Jessica Fillmore

93: Becoming an Authentic Leader - John Laurito

95: Bank on Yourself - Rob Poleki

96: Your World Within - Eddie Pinero

98: Anchor Your Identity - Pastor Travis Hall

99: Start with Belief - Darryll Stinson

101: Triangulating for Truth - Brian Dille

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Monday, December 28, 2020

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