UPBEAT with Parker Kane

Ep 108:

5 Lessons I Learned from Anthony Trucks

January 18, 2021

In this episode, I share 5 key takeaways from last week's episode with Anthony Trucks -- former NFL football player & American Ninja Warrior! I’ve got a top 5 lessons that I learned, and I figured I’d share them here with you :)


1: No matter how hard things are … you can always make a shift and make things better.

2: In all of your successes and in all of your failures, YOU are the common denominator. What does that mean? It means that YOU are what’s important to take care of.

3: Take the opportunities that come to you. Don't be someone who walks away from open opportunities.

4: Sometimes, less is more. Anthony said, “The next best thing that you can do is literally stop looking for a bunch of information.”

5: Make each day what you dream about. Anthony said, “Fall in love with the day, and not just the destination.”

These 5 things have become a huge focus for me, and I know that they can be game-changers for all of us!

Enjoy the episode!

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Monday, January 18, 2021

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