Brad Christensen, Charity Haderlie, and Ryan Harris

Ep 2:

3 Fast Interviews with Industry Professionals

January 5, 2019

This episode contains 3 "mini-interviews" with industry professionals I met when I beatboxed at Idaho RizeCon! I quickly asked them what they're passionate about and I was amazed by their answers and cool stories!

[2:45] “My passion is advocating for what I strongly believe.” - Brad Christensen

Brad Christensen

[5:10] “What I’m most passionate about is helping people bridge the gap between our differences.” - Charity Haderlie

Charity Haderlie

[6:55] “My passion is connecting good people, bringing like-minded people together.” - Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris

I want to reiterate that Ryan studied engineering in college and now owns his own social media business where he has dedicated his life to helping people do what they love to do.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019